Dressing Up


It’s that time of year, when Colorado gardeners need to actively ‘winterize’ gardens.  That involves collars and wraps.  Mid November is the time to do this, and since today is the 15th, and the weather was very mild, I got to work.  First I put tree wrap on a newly planted tree.  The tree wrap will protect a young tree from winter sunscald, which occurs when the intense Colorado sun shines on tree trunks that are in dormancy.  It is a wrinkly heavy paper that you wrap around the trunks of trees, and fasten in place with duct tape.  In mid-April the wrap is removed.  Once a tree’s bark has reached a certain level of maturity, the wrap is no longer needed for winter protection.  All the other trees in our yard have matured enough  not to require this tree wrap..Image

The other winter dress-up I did was to place rose collars on all my rosebushes.  This helps to keep the temperature relatively constant around the tender root balls of the roses.  The collars I use are corrugated plastic, about 14 inches high, and have clips to hold them in a cylindrical shape around the rosebushes.   After placing the collars it is recommended one fill the collars with mulched leaves or some other sort of mulch to help insulate the ground around the bushes.  I take the lazy man’s way out and place the collars, but I don’t add the additional mulch, because I’d have to dispose of that mulch in the Spring.Image


Some of the more hardy roses can probably take the varying winter temperatures here on the Front Range, but about half of my roses are hybrid tea roses, and I’m sure that they would fare poorly over a winter here.  So I play dress-ups each fall.

I’ll add too, that I was fortunate to find a lull in the wind.  It was very breezy this morning when I went for my bike ride, giving me a lot of resistance.  Then the breeze died down so I could do my yard work.  Now the wind has whipped up again, and the forecast is for very windy weather for the next couple of days.  My timing in the garden was great!

Just to include flowers, here is a Twinspur which is still blooming in my rock garden.  It has an amazingly long bloom season, and I love the flower color!Image


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