Be careful what you ask for

It has been a very dry summer here at our home.  Even when we hear of rain in Denver Metro, or south of Denver, or even in neighboring towns, those coveted drops of rain seem to miss us.  But that all changed this week. 

We have had storm after storm after storm, drenching our area (and all of Denver Metro, the foothills, and places north and east).  Creeks & rivers are swollen to overflowing and then some.   There is flooding everywhere, and the area has received more than 50% our ‘average’ annual rainfall in just one day!

I think I can stop asking for rain. 

It will probably take days for the water to recede, weeks for things to dry out, and months (or longer) to clean up the debris from the flooding throughout the Front Range.  And by then it will be winter – and who knows what that will bring in terms of precipitation.  This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, except for a few times on the East coast during major hurricanes.  Certainly nothing like we’ve experienced since we moved here – and many long time residents can’t remember anything this disastrous either.

At our house, we are fortunate to have had no flooding or leaks – just a very soggy yard.  We are on a hill, so relatively safe from any water that might go over its banks.  And we’ve seen to it (through past experiences) that our house is tight & dry. 

I have to mention the yard, since this is a gardening blog.  The plants look happy and unstressed.  However, with much more rain, roots may begin to rot, as well as spent blooms.  We have had lots of runoff going through our yard, so no chance for the plants to ‘breathe.’  Hopefully we are nearing the end of the deluge, and things can begin to get back to normal.  The forecast is for one more big rainstorm to come through, and then sun & warmth to begin to dry things out. 

Besides, my ‘to do’ list for the garden is getting longer and longer.  But that is small potatoes compared to what others in the area are suffering.

Bidding you a very wet goodnight, along with a couple of photos from the bottom of our street, where the small, usually unseen from the trail, creek has become a raging river.



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