Rainy days & weekdays

Well, we finally got some good rain here in my part of the world.  Every day (almost) we’ve been hearing of storms in Denver & points south, with flash flooding, hail, etc., but they all seem to miss us.  But starting last Monday evening the rain finally reached us.  .1” the first night, .75” yesterday, .7” last night.  It was mostly soft, slow rain, or drizzly, misty precipitation, which is great for all the plants.  We may get more accumulation, but it looks like the sun is trying to come out.  For now, the plants all look happy, and relieved of stress from the heat and drought.

I went out today to get a number of flags out into my yard in remembrance of 9.11.01, and along the way pulled a few weeds.  (They sure do grow fast!)  With the ground being saturated with water, most of the weeds came out of the ground fairly easily, roots & all, which is, of course the way you want to pull them, so they won’t regrow from the roots.

The rain also brought with it some relief from the 90+ degree temperatures we had been experiencing.  It feels good to walk outside to more seasonable temperatures!

I had planned to do some pruning & garden grooming on Monday, but just didn’t feel the energy to go out & struggle in the heat.  So I put it off till the next day, knowing that the temperatures would be falling.  But what a surprise when Tuesday the weather forecast was right & we actually got rain – had to put off the grooming work.  Today it is still very wet out, so the yard work will wait another day.  It’s not a good idea to walk through flower beds (unless on a path) when the ground is very wet – it compacts the soils, and goodness knows we don’t need any help with that in Colorado!  Plus, with the plant leaves themselves heavy with moisture, it would just be a sloppy mess to garden now.  The fading leaves & blooms are not going anywhere.  I’ll do my grooming when things have dried out a bit.

In the meantime, I have a Wandering Jew (Tradescantia) houseplant to repot (actually more than one).  I have one plant that was a bit (well, actually a lot) scraggly, so I just put it out into the garage on my potting bench.  It has been there for at least 6 weeks, in the heat, with no sun and no water.  And although its leaves are feeling a bit limp, it still looks exactly as it did when I stuck it out there!  Much more durable than I had thought.

So I have that plant to work with, plus another which is getting leggy, plus a big jar full of rooted cuttings which are ready to pot up.  I think I’m going to take all I have & combine them into one container, and then shear them short to make a bushier plant – and if I keep up with the trimming, the plant will stay bushy.  And to think that all this foliage came from a 4” piece of a plant which I found broken off & trampled on the floor of a nursery, and brought home to nurse back to health.  This is one tenacious plant!


Off to my rainy day gardening project!


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