Down day

In honor of Labor Day weekend, and because I am still a little sore from the shrub gardening a couple of days ago, I did absolutely nothing in the garden today.  It was still quite warm, and humid, even though there was a haze and overcast for most of the day.  But rain?  No such luck. 

So I watered the houseplants, the veggie garden, and my pots on the front porch.  I freshened up the water in my hummingbird feeder, and cut more flowers for pressing/drying.  A relaxing day, all in all – enjoying what is there in the garden, without a lot of work. 

The gears in my mind were grinding though, thinking about what shrubs I plan to prune back (not as severely as the lilac I pruned the other day), irrigation drips I am going to plug, plants I plan to move this fall or next spring, and what perennial seeds I hope to spread around.   So I came inside & jotted down notes on my plans – at least the ones I could remember!

Here is a photo of some of the things going on in the yard:




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