From here to there

Yesterday, after my ‘rejuvenation pruning’ of my lilac, I decided to tackle another project.  Don’t ask me why.  It was, of course, in the 90s, and I had already wrestled a big shrub to the ground – literally.  But once I’ve started out in the yard, it is difficult for me to stop, so I moved over to work on another planting bed.

This was a free-standing bed with several shrubs.  One, a flowering almond, was planted near the edge of the bed, and happily sent up several new shoots right at the border of the bed.  It was crowding the border, and hanging over the grass, so I dug it up and moved it about 2 feet in toward the center of the bed.  Digging was tough, as the ‘soil’ – actually mucky clay, is not overly improved, and each shovelful of the muck was pretty heavy.   Plus, the roots on this shrub were pretty substantial, even though the shrub had only been in the ground 2 years.

Anyway, after I trimmed down the shrub and replanted it, I moved two huge daylilies which were crowding the border a bit, and repositioned some of the smaller border plants.  Then I re-mulched everything, put down a border of rocks, and I was finished (with the bed and with my aging, aching body!). 

In looking at my handiwork today, I was quite pleased with my efforts.  Many of the plants have finished their bloom and have been cut back, but I know will look great next year.  For now, I still have hummingbird trumpet, daisies, plumbago, speedwell, and a few dianthus still in bloom.  Plus an althea that is going to bloom shortly.  Here’s what my finished garden bed looks like now (without the completed rock edging):



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