A little pruning

Today I went out to do a little bit of gardening. Not too much, because it is, after all, in the 90s today. First up was some trimming of a lilac bush. The bush is planted in front of our porch, a reblooming variety which is supposed to max out at 4-6 feet high and wide. The bush seems happy where I’ve planted it, and has eagerly grown to about 8 feet high and wide. Time to take it down a few notches, as it is now beginning to block our view of the mountains. I’ve been putting it off, waiting for the second bloom to finish. I finally got tired of waiting for the rebloom to finish (patience is not one of my strong suits), so thought I’d snip some of the branches to open our view.
The lopping shears came out, and I snipped some of the back branches which were hanging over the porch. That opened up the back end of the shrub. So I lopped off a few more branches. Looking good. More branches came off. By then the bush was looking a bit lopsided, so the rest of the branches got chopped. Of course, I saved all the flowering tips and brought them into the house to enjoy their lovely scent.
Once I trimmed the branch tips, I took a bit more off each remaining branch; and then a bit more. By the time I finished, the following is what was left.
This is what Master Gardeners call “rejuvenation pruning.” New growth will come from the roots, and what is left of the stalks. Ideally this is done in the Spring, before the new growth begins, but this plant is hardy enough that I’m sure it will come back nicely for me. It surely did open up the area, too!

The gladiolus I spoke about in a previous post is blooming nicely, too. I cut it and brought it inside so I could really enjoy it. Here is another photo showing the blooms opening up…..


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